Lloyd Mats Releases 14 Model Year Specific Logos for C1, C2, and C3 Corvettes

Lloyd Mats is at the top of the custom automotive floor mat industry, and continue to add more and more options to their catalog. As a leading manufacturer of floor mats, they are able to offer all kinds of materials and colors that feature OEM and custom logos. Their newest addition to their catalog includes model year specific logos for the first three generations of the Corvette.

The officially licensed GM logos are model year specific for 1953-1982 Corvettes and can be applied to all of Lloyd Mats’ popular plush carpet floor models. There are 14 different model specific logos you can now buy for the C1, C2, and C3. Learn more about them in the official release from Lloyd Mats below.

Official Release:

Lloyd Mats Announces Officially Licensed GM Logos That Are Model Year Specific for 1953-1982 Corvettes

Lloyd Mats, the leader in custom-fit automotive floor mats, is excited to announce that the new Corvette Grand Sport logo is now available. This new officially licensed GM logo can be applied to Lloyd Mats’ popular plush carpet floor mat models for the C1, C2, and C3 Corvettes.

The different logos will be available on the Luxe, Ultimate, and Berber 2 plush carpet mats. The Luxe Mats are the top of the line mats offered with the thickest, heaviest, and deepest pile. The Ultimates are the original custom plush mat with premium continuous filament nylon that’s twice the weight and density of factory mats. The Berber 2 Mats combine the classic look of traditional Berber and the durability of modern materials to create a unique, stylish, long-wearing automotive floor mat.

Lloyd Mats’ GM-licensed 1953-1982 logo mats are available through every major Lloyd Mats distributor. Like all Lloyd mats, buyers can fully customize their Corvette mats with their choice of available logos and emblems, carpet colors and binding colors, and are fully compatible with all factory anchor points and fasteners to keep your mats secure. For more information on Lloyd Mats or its licenses and to find a dealer, please visit www.LloydMats.com.


▪ C1, C2, and C3 Corvettes Logo Mats Available from Lloyd Mats
▪ Lloyd is Offering Different Versions
▪ Logo Can Be Had on Any Model Specific Mat

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