New Rebuild Kits for Classic GM Automatic Transmissions from McLeod



The experts at McLeod Racing are well-known for their outstanding clutches, but did you know they work on automatic transmissions too? It’s true, and they’ve teamed up with Raybestos’ powertrain division to develop these new automatic transmission rebuild kits.

There have been rebuild kits on the market for many years, so what makes these different? The materials used for the friction plates and bands use the latest Raybestos technology to ensure a firm hold in each gear. Additionally, the sealing surfaces on the gaskets and O-rings use the latest in materials technology to assure a positive seal and prevent leaks- both internally and externally.

Strength-wise, McLeod claims these parts will hold up to 1,000 horsepower! That’s a pretty bold claim, so we know there must be some serious technology and engineering inside these kits. Owners of traditional Chevy Powerglide, GM Turbo 350, and GM Turbo 400 transmissions can get these kits now!

Official Release:


McLeod Racing has joined forces with the friction control experts at Raybestos Powertrain to present a new line of performance automatic transmission rebuild kits. The new product line includes plenty of quality components that are affordable for the end user. These kits feature National Oil-brand seals and Far Pak gaskets for superior sealing. Teflon-coated rings make tighter seals, and the OEM-thickness grooved friction plates increase holding capacity. All filter materials are brass, allowing better flow and filtration. Some kits include Kolene plates, which create a stronger seal than stock to prevent warping.

A few of the popular applications are for classic GM transmissions such as Powerglide, TH350, and TH400. These rebuild kits are perfect for a classic GM muscle car build. With holding power for up to 1,000 horsepower, these kits are great to be used at the track as well.

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  • Teflon-coated rings for tighter seals
  • National Oil-brand seals and Far Pak gaskets for superior sealing
  • Includes quality components that are affordable for the end user
  • OEM-thickness grooved friction plates increase holding capacity

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