IDIDIT releases tilt floor shift column for 1969-76 Corvettes

If you’re looking for a great way to modernize the steering column in your ’69-76 Corvette, IDIDIT has just what you’re looking for!

Official Release:

TECUMSEH, MICHIGAN: Corvette enthusiasts asked, and ididit listened. The newest tilt floor shift column from the Michigan manufacturer is engineered to perfection for 1969-76 Corvettes.

After fielding numerous requests to design an ididit-quality column for the popular 1969-76 Chevrolet Corvette, the company began research and development on a collapsible tilt floor shift. In-demand features include: eight-position tilt, self-canceling turn signals, four-way flashers, knobs and levers, 3-7/8- and 4-1/4-inch wiring plug, 3/4-inch DD extendable lower shaft, pre-welded under-dash mount, model-specific floor mount, and ignition with relay pack.

“The Corvette is an American icon,” Marty Waterstraut of ididit said. “By bringing new technology to classic design, this column is crafted with the attention to detail and high level of quality ididit is known for.”

ididit offers the column in paintable steel (Part No. 1520710010), chrome (Part No. 1520710020), or a black powder-coat (1520710051).

Three separate installation kits are also available: Manual Stock Box (Part No. 3000054949) that includes 3/4-inch -36 X 3/4-inch DD rag joint; Power Box (Part No. 3000054940) that includes 3/4-inch DD X 13/16-inch -36 rag joint; and Rack & Pinion (Part No. 3000014949) that includes U-joint.


  • eight-position tilt
  • self-canceling turn signals
  • four-way flashers
  • knobs and levers
  • 3-7/8- and 4-1/4-inch wiring plug
  • 3/4-inch DD extendable lower shaft
  • pre-welded under-dash mount
  • model-specific floor mount
  • ignition with relay pack
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