VIDEO: Aldan American Announces Mustang II Coil-Overs

For decades, hot-rodders have utilized Mustang II suspension systems into their cars for lighter weight and better handling. But what if you already have a Mustang II? What if you want to take your II or IFS-equipped hot rod to the next level in terms of handling?

Luckily, Aldan American now has a solution!

Official Release:

Aldan American Announces Mustang II Coil-Overs

Aldan American MII Series coil-over shocks are made in the USA and include all of the hardware you need to bolt onto your factory or custom IFS or Mustang II style, front suspension. “AS” shock models include polyurethane bushings with steel shock sleeves. “PAS” shock models include spherical bearings. MII Series shocks are machined from light weight, high strength billet aluminum. These coil-overs are interchangeable with polyurethane bushing or spherical bearing mounts.

The 7/16″ and 1/2″ lower Mustang II shock mounts are also available (Part # ALD-18 or ALD-15) Single adjustable shocks allow 20 points of rebound shock adjustment. Greater adjustability provides valving for a smoother, more consistent ride compared to OEM and standard Mustang II shocks. Fully ride-height adjustable to deliver the exact stance you’re looking for. Visit for more lengths and part numbers for your ride.


  • Made in the USA
  • Includes all hardware needed to bolt into your car
  • Allows for proper ride height adjustment, suited to your taste and needs
  • Provides more consistent ride compared to OEM and standard Mustang II shocks

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