Original Parts Group Welcomes Timeless Muscle for Behind-the-Scenes Tour

Photos by: Rick Seitz

We Got the Behind-the-Scenes Exclusive at a Recent Shopping Trip to Original Parts Group

Original Parts Group, or OPG (OPGI) as you likely know them, is one of our most beneficial partners in the aftermarket. They are extremely involved in the enthusiast community, and are always around for tech and parts support on our projects. This company was recently given ARMO’s coveted Business of the Year award at the 2017 SEMA Show and has enabled so many to explore the restoration and collector car hobbies over the years. Recently, we were able to get the inside look at the shop as the company is in a state of rapid growth and expansion, and we were like kids in a candy store!

Despite the rapid growth, they’re no strangers to the industry. They have been in the automotive business for more than three decades, and have become a household name more and more with each passing year. Overtime, they have developed thousands of parts under the manufacturing brand, Restoparts.

Their facility is not just set up to serve their thousands of customers, but also to meet the high demand of their hundreds of dedicated suppliers that further help with customer access. This means that they have to stock and process thousands of parts a week, to shops, retailers, and customers to be able to keep up with restoration projects all over the country.

Original Parts Group currently offers parts in 11 catalogs (including the upcoming Corvair catalog), with the newest addition being the Turbo Buick/Regal last year, and a Corvair catalog on the way. This doesn’t mean that they’ve thrown their hat in the ring in a bunch of different lines without backing it up, they definitely aren’t the kind of business that just sells air and promises; their massive facility is made for stocking and shipping a high volume of parts.

Inside their 100,000+ square foot state-of-the-art warehouse, you’ll find one of the largest in-stock selections of any parts supplier. They carry over 85,000 classic GM restoration and high-performance parts and accessories; you should also note that they are one of a few authorized GM parts dealers, outside of the dealerships, in the country. In addition, they keep the facility staffed with experts to offer you top-tier customer service and advice.

From mint interiors to hard-to-find engine accessories, they have everything covered. However, this is not just a parts store, it’s also home to some incredible cars. Back in October, our sister publication stopped in their SEMA booth to check out one of their recent additions, a perfect Buick Grand National. While on our side, we got an eyeful of the Dream Giveaway 1970 Chevelle 396SS that they helped supply parts for. Which leads us to the aspect of this visit that left us totally giddy, the cars.

Speaking of the perfect Buick Grand National, we stumbled upon the R&D car that was on display at SEMA, but the Chevelle wasn’t around for us to gawk at (it was already awarded to the winner, recently –Ed.).

Getting the badging, various trim and sheet metal on their cars absolutely perfect is a big deal, and they use the opportunity on their cars to show off these original-style offerings. It’s the details in these small parts that will make a restoration complete.

The Original Parts Group headquarters is a really cool place to be. It’s truly amazing how large the facility is and the endless number of parts they have in their warehouse. The cars were the icing on the cake, and left us with a new sense of inspiration to finish up some of our projects.

If you’re looking for restoration products for your classic GM muscle car, be sure to look into OPGI. Also be sure to put their upcoming car shows on your 2018 show season calendar, if you live in Southern California, and keep an eye on our very own Chevelle project that is undergoing a restoration with the help of OPGI!

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