VIDEO: Gymkhana 10 is Coming Late 2018

There’s no way to fully describe the giddiness we feel when a new Gymkhana video comes out from Ken Block. Possibly because Ken Block is some sort of drifting savant.

Put him in a drift car and he’ll slide it up the side of a building, across the power wires, down the light pole, lightly brush a domino to knock over a chain of them, and then do 15 donuts around somebody’s grandma, coming within millimeters of knocking her walker out from under her, but never actually touching doing it. We all watch in awe, then share it on social media.

He does amazing things in a drift car that’s recorded in an amazing series entitled “Gymkhana”.  For most of us muscle car enthusiasts, we didn’t even know who Ken Block was until he wowed us with an awesome ’65 Mustang known as the Hoonicorn that made its debut in Gymkhana 7.

The current version is the Hoonicorn V2, and is a beast of a pony car that spits fire straight up from the gargantuan twin turbos, and uses all four tires to heat up the asphalt via the all-wheel drive system—something that would put Dominic Toretto’s “Ice Charger” on the trailer any day of the week, so, imagine our excitement when he released a trailer for Gymkhana 10, due to be released in late 2018.

This new video promises to bring the insanity as Ken and the team travel to five countries in five different Ford race cars, which includes a brand-new mystery car built from the ground-up to be unveiled in Gymkhana 10.

If that’s not enough, this latest entry will be the basis of a new Amazon Original Unscripted Series that follows Ken and his team as they create this 10th installment. It will also offer insight into the nine previous Gymkhana videos—available to Amazon Prime members only! There’s plenty of time to subscribe! Don’t miss it!

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