VIDEO: Holley Performance’s Jeremy Stoermer’s ’70 AAR ‘Cuda Tribute

When it comes to our day to day lives, many of us look to our families and our musclecars for refuge from the stress and challenges of the daily grind. Once we slide behind the wheel, pump the gas and crank that key over, it seems that everything that was frazzling us all week is nothing more than a memory.

Although some of us would much prefer to be sitting at a beach or behind the wheel of our American classic, than standing on the assembling-line or sitting at our desk in the office, there are a lucky few of us who’s passion is also their career. One lucky gent is Holley Performance Product‘s very own tech engineer, Jeremy Stoermer!

Jeremy makes no bones about being a Mopar guy at heart, owning several, including this awesome ’70 AAR ‘Cuda tribute car. Starting out in life as a mid-range Barracuda Grand Coupe, it’s now sporting the complete AAR look, with an original AAR-spec 340ci. 6-pack, pistol grip shifter and staggered Mopar Ralleye wheels!

Naturally, being an employee of Holley means his car is showered with a few of his employer’s goodies, like a set of ceramic-coated Hooker headers, 2300-series 6-pack setup, sporting 1350 cfm from the three carburetors, combined. With a proper tune and everything working in perfect harmony, the car has managed a best of 13.40 at 105 mph.

The 340ci. small-block in question is not only a capable performer today, but it was a true powerhouse during its era, being rated from the factory at 290 hp (gross). Like most musclecars of the time, it was underrated from the factory when considering the then-method of measuring horsepower.

Although not a legit AAR, which are incredibly rare these days and quite valuable, Jeremy can take solace in knowing that his self-made ‘Cuda is still one of a kind in his eyes. Being able to drive it without the worry of wearing out a treasured classic just makes it that much more enjoyable! Nice work, Jeremy!

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