VIDEO: A Live Filled with Passion for ’64 Impalas

Even as a kid who grew up in the ’80s, and was brought up during the height of the IROC-Z Camaros, Buick Grand Nationals and the 5.0 Fox-Body Mustangs, your author always had a passion for ’60s-era muscle that could only be blamed on my father’s somewhat eccentric taste and passion. Everything from the big-block Chevelles, Ram Air GTOs, HEMI Mopars and even the full-sized Catalinas and Impalas have been the basis of my car addiction for decades.

So when I recently ran across this well-sorted out video from Petrolicious, featuring a beautiful ’64 Impala SS packing a 327 cubic-inch ‘plant and 300 horsepower, I felt inclined to pass it along to our Timeless Muscle Magazine audience. Owned and built by Don Rogers, an astute ’62-64 Impala restorer and collector, this slammed classic B-body is simply mouth-watering.

Sporting the coveted black over red treatment, massive amounts of chrome, aftermarket rollers and even a temperamentally-shifted 4-speed transmission, this lead sled was built for cruising with that timeless soundtrack that’s necessary for a vintage muscle car. It might not be particularly fast, but it’s fast enough for what your author would do with it; cruise the countryside and stop in the local car cruise for a milkshake.

However, we don’t think we’re the only ones who admire the square-bodies Chevys, being as how they’ve been coveted by the lowrider crowd since the ’70s; when they were plentiful and super cheap. Now that they’ve jumped up in value and the hip-hop crowd has largely moved on, the examples that still exist today are still relatively affordable and ripe for the picking. We’ve been seeing them dragged out of fields and barns all over the country.

As time goes on, the picking become slimmer and slimmer, but if we play our cards right, you just might see a ’64 Impala SS project car one of these days. Time will tell, but if and when we do cross that bridge, we will certainly make it worth the wait!


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