FUELAB Releases New Fuel Surge Tank Systems

As you sling your car around on the road or track, the fuel inside the tank is also experiencing every but of those G-force changes. This can lead to fuel deprivation when you absolutely need it the most. Racers of any kind including drifters, drag racers, off-roaders, road racers, auto-crossers, or anything else should invest in FUELAB’s Fuel Surge Tank system to make sure their engine is getting properly fed with fuel.

These systems have their own internal 340-LPH fuel pump, or an available dual pump upgrade, that are compatible with pump gas, race gas, and E85. There are two options for sizes, both are billet aluminum and o-ring designs that use -8 AN fuel ports. To learn more about these systems and how to order one for your street car or race car, check out the official release from FUELAB below.

Official Release:

FUELAB’s Fuel Surge Tank Systems

If your race vehicle undergoes rapid G-force changes, you need to check out FUELAB’s Fuel Surge Tank Systems. Whether your racing of choice involves drag racing, drifting, off-road, road racing, or going in circles, this system is designed to keep your engine running at its highest level.

FUELAB’s Fuel Surge Tank Systems make sure your engine doesn’t starve for fuel while undergoing rapid G-force changes like at the launch, hairpin turns, banked ovals, or going over sweet jumps. FUELAB’s Fuel Surge Tank Systems keep a small amount of fuel at the ready when your race vehicle undergoes G-force changes.

With its own internal 340 LPH or available dual 340 LPH fuel pumps, FUELAB’s Fuel Surge Tank Systems keep fuel starvation at bay, and are compatible with pump gas, race gas, and E85. These fuel surge tank systems are available in two sizes, and feature billet aluminum and O-ring construction with -8 AN fuel ports.

Furthermore, FUELAB’s Fuel Surge Tank System upgrade accessory kit includes a floor mount bracket, hardware, XRP PRO PLUS hose assembly, and a 90-degree, high-flow fitting for a true bolt-in installation. To get your FUELAB Fuel Surge Tank System, call (618) 344-3300, or go to www.fuelab.com.


  • Made to Reduce Fuel Starvation During Rough Driving
  • Comes With 340-LPH Pump With Double-Pump Upgrade Available
  • Billet Aluminum and O-Ring Gasket Design
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