New Ignition Cable Sets for 426 Hemi From Vintage Wires

Vintage Wires, an ididit brand, is making finding the right set of ignition wires for your 426 Hemi engine a breeze. Their new 7.8mm braided spark plug wires feature high-tech performance and old-school styling that can be custom tailored to length since the end caps aren’t finished. This means you can run them through a loom, or just over the valve covers.

These cable sets are available in six colors that include black with two orange tracers, red with black tracers, red with black and yellow tracers, black with red tracers, satin black, and yellow with black and red tracers. Custom sets are available for updated ignition systems. Learn more about the 426 Hemi ignition wires in the official release below.

Official Release:

Vintage Wires Introduces New Ignition Cable Sets for 426 Hemi Applications

Classic ignition cable company Vintage Wires (an ididit brand) is proud to announce a new wire set specifically for 426 Hemi applications.

The 7.8mm braided spark plug wires feature a lacquer-covered cotton braid outer casing wrapping a spiral-wound suppression core for high-tech performance and old-school style. Distributor cap ends are not finished so that they can be custom-tailored to length—whether run through a loom or simply over the valve covers.

The cable sets for 426 Hemis are available in six color options: Black with two Orange tracers (PN 4002200100), Red with Black tracers (4002200200), Red with Black and Yellow Tracers (4002200300), Black with Red Tracers (4002200400), Satin Black (4002200500), and Yellow with Red and Black tracers (4002200600).

Retail price is $260, with custom sets available for updated ignition systems.

Vintage Wires are the popular choice for vintage racers and other classic projects, as they mimic the original look of classic fabric wires but use proven spark-carrying technology. Universal Ignition Cable Kits are available for 6- and 8-cylinder engines.

Vintage Wires was acquired in 2017 by custom steering column maker ididit, blending the two companies’ missions to bring modern technology and convenience to classic vehicles while maintaining the original aesthetics.

More information can be found at For model applications and ordering information, contact ididit at (517) 424-0577 or email


  • 7.8mm Braided Spark Plug Wires for 426 Hemi
  • Can Be Custom Cut to Length
  • Modern Performance with Old School Looks

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