Southern Performance Systems Launches New LS Engine Swap Packages

Everyone knows that LS V8 swaps are all the rage! Everyone also knows they’re not always a bolt-in affair. This becomes even more true if the swapper wants to maintain the factory electronic fuel injection setup…and who wouldn’t? Fortunately, making this swap happen is getting easier. Sure, you still need to seek out the best-possible oil pan to clear your frame.

There are several belt drive and front accessory packages available, and some research is required to get the one that will work best for you. But, beyond that, getting the motor mounts, transmission mount, radiator, headers, and fuel system can sure make this a tricky swap! Fortunately, the folks over at Southern Performance Systems (SPS) have done a lot of the homework, and if you’d like to get a late-model LS engine into pretty much any GM car from the muscle car era, they can help you out!

Official Release:

“Southern Performance Systems specializes in providing the most complete “Turn-Key” LS engine packages for classic cars, muscle cars and trucks.”

Southern Performance Systems (SPS) now offers 23 different complete and direct fit LS-series engine conversion packages for classic Chevrolets, Buicks, Oldsmobiles, and Pontiacs. These SPS-crafted LS swap packages assist with the installation of a cooling system, fuel delivery system, engine, and transmission mounting in the chassis. Header installation concerns are also addressed as part of these packages.

“Years of experience in design and testing have allowed us to become the leader in LS conversions,” said John Tucker, Southern Performance Systems owner. “We offer the most complete and direct fit LS Conversion package on the market.”

The SPS engine conversion packages are available for GM A-body (’64-’72), GM B-body (’61-’66), GM G-body (’78-’88), GM X-body (’62-’79), Tri-Five Chevy (’55-’57), Corvette (’63-’74), and GM F-body (’67-’81).

Southern Performance Systems specializes in providing the most complete “Turn-Key” LS engine packages for classic cars, muscle cars and trucks. In addition to engine packages to make a LS conversion complete, they offer upgrades for brakes, suspensions, rear ends, air conditioning, electronic gauges, radiators and headers. Many years of being an installation center, doing design work, and extensive in-house testing have made them a leader in the LS conversion market.


  • An American-made radiator designed exclusively for the LS engine, along with two gallons of antifreeze, a stainless steel overflow tank, and a billet radiator cap
  • Full-length ceramic coated exhaust headers are provided for additional performance. These headers are designed to work with the engine/transmission mount kits
  • A direct bolt-in fuel system, including a tank with an internal EFI pump and fuel sender to work with each specific application, #6 AN braided fuel line, all of the correct #6 fittings and adapters, a fuel filter, and regulator to control fuel pressure
  • All of the necessary frame mounting brackets with urethane engine mounts, LS engine mount adapters, nuts, and bolts required to install the drivetrain into the chassis
  • Adjustable urethane transmission mounts that will fit all current GM transmissions

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