Pace Prepped & Primed ZZ427 505HP Turnkey Engine with TH400 Transmission Package


Big-blocks and Turbo 400s — they go hand in hand, don’t they? Which make the Pace Performance “Prepped & Primed” ZZ427 505HP Turnkey Engine with TH400 Transmission Package all the more captivating. Recently announced by our friends at Pace, we decided to pass along the news via their original press release below!

Official Release:

Pace Prepped & Primed ZZ427 505HP Turnkey Engine with TH400 Transmission Package

There are few engines that conjure up images of greatness like the 427 Chevy big-block. The ZZ427 big-block crate engine brings back all of the good things that you remember about the 427 with a few modern new upgrades. With an updated cast iron block, a 10.1:1 final compression ratio, and an aggressive hydraulic roller camshaft, the ZZ427 offers you outstanding performance while still living on low octane fuel.

The legendary 427″ big-block Chevy powered some of the most storied cars in the history of the high performance automobile. This latest version holds true to that tradition, offering you a tough, 4-bolt main cast iron block with an all forged internal rotating assembly. The top half of the engine is the same as the limited edition Anniversary 427 crate engine aluminum oval-port heads that use 2.19″ intake and 1.88″ exhaust valves work wtih 1.7:1 aluminum roller rockers and a .527″ intake/.544″ exhaust camshaft. The intake is a matching high-flow aluminum oval-port piece that gets fed the air/fuel mix from a 770-cfm carburetor. An HEI distributor, aluminum water pump, spark plug wires, and a 14″ flexplate round out the package. Internally balanced, the ZZ427 will spin to 6000 rpm before it’s time for you to shift.

The ZZ427 is an exciting trip back to one of the high points in the history of the Chevrolet big-block. With a conservative rating of 505 horsepower and loads of torque, it’s still one of the best crate engines for just about any big-block application.

Performance Automatic Street Smart transmission systems have been built to meet the specific requirements of street rods and street machines. Available for many popular GM, Ford, and Mopar applications, they’re perfect behind many of today’s high performance crate engines. Each Street Smart package includes an upgraded Performance Automatic transmission, torque converter, filler tube, mount and hardware packages.


  • Pace engine prep and oil priming service. Click Here for more information. 
  • Fully GM assembled long block
  • Black Cast Aluminum Valve Covers with 427 Logo
  • Oil pump, pick-up and oil pan
  • Aluminum Performance Intake
  • Black GM Licensed 14” Air Cleaner
  • GM Tuned Holley 770CFM, vacuum secondaries, electric choke
  • Performance mechanical fuel pump with plumbing to carb
  • HEI Distributor, plug wires and spark plugs
  • 14” Auto Trans Flexplate
  • HD Starter with bolts
  • 8” Harmonic Balancer
  • Front timing cover
  • Cast Aluminum Short Water Pump
  • Oil Filter Adapter
  • Passenger Side RH Oil Dipstick and Tube
  • 2 Oil Filters
  • 7 Quarts of Zinc enhanced break in oil
  • 7 Quarts of Zinc enhanced 5W30 oil

Transmission Features:

  • Stage II TH400 trans rated for 650HP
  • Performance Racing Clutches
  • Valve Body Shift Package
  • HD Srag
  • Aluminum Oil Pan with Drain Plug
  • 11″ 2500 Stall Convertor
  • Dipstick & Tube
  • Transmission Mount
  • Torque Convertor Inspection Cover
  • 14 Quarts of Automatic Transmission Fluid
  • Complete mounting hardware kit and instructions

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