VIDEO: Custom ’71 Mach Foose at SEMA!

We’ve seen legendary car builder Chip Foose build all sorts of Mustangs over the years. From old to new, Chip has an eye for style and can seemingly make anything look good! However, he’s faced his biggest challenge; a 1971 Mustang Mach 1. Let’s face it…of all the body styles offered in the first generations of Mustang (1965-73), the 1971-73 body is the least desirable. Mainly because, compared to all previous years, this car is HUGE, but is still unquestionably, Mustang.

Ol’ Chip was commissioned to build this Mach by a wealthy Japanese businessman who loves the ’71-73 body style. Upon reaching an agreement, the classic was shipped to Foose along with a like-new 2011 Mustang GT that was taking up space in the businessman’s museum. So, why not put it to use, right?

Chip and his team promptly cut the body panels off of the ‘11, cut the floor out of the ’71, and proceeded to fit the old body over the new chassis—just like we used to do when we built model cars back in the day! Thus, the “Mach Foose” was born!

But it was more than a mere swap; we all know that when Chip builds a car, he builds a car! There’s not an area that isn’t addressed. From the way the old seamlessly blends with the new; to the clamshell-opening hood, to the subtle body mods that may not be noticeable, but make a big impact.

The biggest mod is the addition of the ’70 Mustang rear quarter panels that give it a more muscular, broad shouldered look, as opposed to the almost-flat rear quarter that made it look like a sedan delivery. Another stand-out are the wheels that are reminiscent of the classic Shelby 10-spoke wheels. Under the pristine bodywork and paint is an all original 2011 Mustang GT, complete with Coyote engine and automatic transmission, making it a great driver.

The end result is a pretty stock 2011 Mustang GT expertly modified to look like a 1971 Mach 1 that’s an absolute head-turner, as evidenced at the 2017 SEMA show where it was unveiled. Foose’s the expert craftsmanship and style makes the Mach Foose a knockout at any angle!

So, is it a ’71, or a 2011?

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