VIDEO: 1969 Impala Restomod

The muscle car hobby is an interesting one; filled with an eclectic array of models spanning decades and from an American-specific genre, it’s interesting to think that many models are often-overlooked. Some of which include the Impalas of the late ’60s and early ’70s.

Sure, they’re large, heavy and hard to come by in decent shape these days, but they’re great-looking automobiles, they ride comfortably and can swallow just about any powerplant that you can think of; be it a small-block, big-block or a modern-day LS mill.

Since they’re usually so overlooked, they’re typically quite affordable for just about anyone to acquire and make for a great way to get into the hobby. Plus, the aftermarket caters directly to these cars and they’re largely mechanically identical to their more popular Chevelle and Camaro siblings; i.e., engine components and transmissions are essentially interchangeable and speed parts are readily available.

These cars offer plenty of potential for customization, too, whether you want to build a drag car, lowrider or even in the case of Jay Ruiz, the owner of this example, a comfortable cruiser with air bags and a 383ci. SBC.

Packing just over 400hp, Jay admits that it’s not exactly the fastest thing around, but it’s quick enough to put a smile on your face, while docile enough to comfortably enjoy the ride to your destination. The Billet Specialties wheels put a modern twist on the otherwise factory appearance, while a Billet Specialties steering wheel, Pioneer stereo system and custom interior lighting enhance the cockpit.

Under the hood, the aforementioned 383 sports plenty of chrome, billet and polished aluminum to catch the attention of our colleagues over at Combustion Chamber. CC’s Casey Porter interviews Jay to a great extent, and digs deeper behind the story of this beautiful car. So be sure to check out the video above for all of the info!

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