Video: Vintage Big Daddy Tire Commercial Starring 1971 Trans Am

It’s a winding road ahead for this Trans Am, but there’s no reason to worry! Big Daddy tires are on the job. In this awesome vintage commercial, a beautiful 1971 Trans Am is mashed up with dragster footage, plus a fantastic jingle!

Big Daddy tires were the choice performance tires of the yester years. For the muscle cars of the 70s, these were amongst the tire to have. The Big Daddy tires had the big white lettering on the side — something virtually unseen nowadays, except maybe on truck and SUV tires.

In this ‘epitome of the 70s’ commercial, a 1971 Trans Am is taking on some winding roads with the help of the Atlas Big Daddy tires. A really cool part about this video is how it flashes to dragsters as the Trans Am is traveling.

The Trans Am has the iconic Cameo White with a stripe that looks black by the video, but it’s probably the Lucerne Blue paint under poor quality film. It would be really odd if the owner of the car painted the stripe black, so we’ll just assume we’re right about the film. Or maybe it was blacked out for legal reasons? Those sweet Big Daddy tires are mounted to the original classic Rally II wheels.

The absolute best part isn’t the Trans Am, nor the dragster. It’s really that sweet soundtrack. Good luck getting that tune out of your head anytime today, or tomorrow. And good luck explaining to anyone what you’re singing if a few verses slip out in the carpool on the way home.

You might expect to see some Don Garlits footage with the Big Daddy name and dragster footage, but no such luck. It definitely seems to be implied though, but there’s no appearance by the legend, or his cars. All in all, this is a really cool video with one of our favorite Trans Ams ever made.


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